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Devotional: March 25, 2020

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

“Don't let this throw you. You trust God, don't you? Trust Me.

There is plenty of room for you in my Father's home. If that weren't so, would I have told you that I'm on my way to get a room ready for you?

And if I'm on my way to get your room ready, I'll come back and get you so you can live where I live.”

John 14: 1-3, The Message

As I write this, we are under an order from the governor to “Stay home, stay healthy.” While we are free to go outside, and to get groceries, and run essential errands, the clear intent of the order is for us to stay home as much as possible. These restrictions are given in hopes of slowing the spread of the virus.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what “home” means.

First, I am thankful for my home. My home is warm and cozy, and it shelters me from the elements. Having to stay home makes me realize that I often take my home for granted. I am thankful for the blessing of a place to call home. This time at home forces me to be quiet, to be still, and to listen to God. Being home has forced me to find different ways to minister, like writing this daily devotional. I can choose to make this extended time at home into an opportunity to count my blessings. Being thankful is probably more helpful to my spirit than complaining about the restrictions.

Second, I remember and pray for the many who have no home. Homelessness in our community, state, nation, and world, has been increasing for some time. There are so many people who do not have shelter, or food. Many others are “food insecure”, not knowing where their next meal will come from. This is the time to pray, with all our hearts, for those who are in situations that feel hopeless, and are homeless. The Wenatchee Lighthouse Ministries, Hospitality House and Serve Wenatchee are doing all they can to assist those who are struggling like never before. Let us support them in prayer, and tangibly, during this time.

Third, I take comfort in Jesus’ promise to prepare a spiritual home for us. It is somewhat ironic that when He was ministering, Jesus said, "Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head." (Matthew 8:20). Yet Jesus promised us a spiritual home in heaven, with Him. He assured us that there would be plenty of room in His Father’s house. How wonderful it is to realize that one day, we who place our faith in Jesus will join Him in that heavenly home. We will be content, and never want to leave! Let us take comfort in Jesus’ promise of an eternal home, waiting for each and every one of us.

Prayer for the Day

Holy Lord,

Thank you for your peace, and your comfort, during this time when we are largely confined to our homes. May staying home make us, and our entire state, healthier. Encourage us to count our blessings, including the blessing of our homes, and families. Also, protect those who have no home. Finally, may the trials of our time help us to cling even more closely to your promise of a spiritual home. We’re thankful that there is plenty of room for us in that heavenly home. We pray this prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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