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Devotional: September 17, 2021

Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave.

Psalm 107: 19-20 NRSV

These verses speak of God saving people through healing. Many in our world are crying out for healing to the Lord. These words from King David remind us of times when the Lord met past cries for healing with deliverance from disease.

While we may not have a choice about the troubles we face, we do choose how we will respond to that trouble. We can be distressed, anxious, and afraid. Or in spite of our fears, we can place our faith and trust in the God who saves.

God’s desire is not for distress, trouble, illness, pain, or suffering.

The Lord has healed many people of all kinds of diseases in the past, and He continues to heal people today. Many who have triumphed over specific sicknesses and illnesses credit the Lord for their recovery.

While there are many passages of scripture about God’s healing power, these particular verses inspired a song about healing. “I Am the God That Healeth Thee” has been sung by our congregation in worship on a number of occasions.

Here is a link to the song…

I Am The God That Healeth Thee I am the God that Healeth thee I am the Lord Your healer I sent My word And I healed your disease I am the Lord Your healer You are the God that Healeth me You are the Lord My healer You sent Your word And You healed my disease You are the Lord My healer You sent Your word And You healed My disease You are the Lord My healer You sent Your word ...

Like the Psalmist, may we remember the times when God hears our cries of distress, offering us healing. As we long to be saved, passages like this one from God’s word can offer us hope. May the Lord send out His word, and heal us…


Great Physician and Lord of all,

So many in our world long for Your healing power. I pray that You would be present with, and comfort all who are sick. Send forth your healing mercies. I know that You are the God who heals. With so many individuals who are hurting and in pain, I turn to You for hope and healing. Hear my prayer for healing this day, O Lord! I pray this prayer in the name of the One who healed so many of Your Children, Your son and my Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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