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Devotional: October 7, 2021

The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

First John 4: 4

When we consider the world, we think of something enormous and vast. With the technological ability to find out exactly what is going on in so many places, it can be wonderful, but also sometimes difficult and even tragic to learn. We can feel isolated and almost insignificant compared to the enormity of difficulties in the world. This is why some limit their intake of the news the media can thrust upon us.

The wonderful news brought to us in this passage is that we are never alone, and that we are far from powerless. God’s desire to be a part of each of our lives in a personal relationship is bigger news than anything the world has to offer. With the Lord, we are never helpless, not when God is in us. This single verse from First John reminds us of the incredible power of God. While the problems of the world may be great, God is greater.

The simple statement of faith within this verse has inspired many followers of Christ, including song writers. It reminds me of the lyrics to the song, “Our God (Is Greater)”, composed by Chris Tomlin.

The chorus for the song goes like this:

“Our God is greater Our God is stronger God, You are higher than any other Our God is healer Awesome in power Our God, our God”

Here is what the composer, Chris Tomlin, had to say about the song, and the scriptural truth behind it.

“If you really believe in God, you know that everything is possible. Anything can happen. Miracles can happen. All things are available to you no matter what you're going through, no matter what you're facing, no matter what is coming against you. Life comes against all of us, but you know God is for you. That's straight from the scripture. It's not just my thought. It's not just my idea or opinion. The scriptures tell us 'if God is for you, then who can be against you?' I love the hope that is in that statement.”

When God is in our hearts, then we can rest secure in His truth, and in His promises. We know that the He who is within us is greater than anything we may face in the world. Hallelujah! and Amen.


Almighty God,

So often, the scale of the world and its problems makes me feel small. It is easy to feel insignificant, compared to the huge problems. Lord, I confess that sometimes I buy into the world’s perspective that I do not matter, and that You do not exist. Forgive me! Help me to cling tightly to the truth of Your word, which reminds me that You are greater, and stronger, and more powerful than anything in the world. I pray this prayer in the name of the One who overcame the world, Your son and my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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