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Devotional: May 23, 2020

I have come as light into the world, so that everyone who believes in me should not remain in the darkness.

John 12: 46

Jesus is the Light of the World. He does not want us stumbling around in the darkness, unsure of which way to go, vulnerable to obstacles in our way and perhaps injuring ourselves.

I have a new appreciation for the importance of light. Our attic has never had a light in it. As one of my “stay home” projects, I decided to wire in a light in the attic, which included an easily accessible switch. Prior to this project, I would need to use a flashlight when I was up there. It was always a bit of a dicey situation, for if I missed one of the beams, my next project would be fixing the hole in the ceiling down below!

The lighting transforms the space. While before a dark, almost mysterious space, full of potential tripping hazards, it is now a well-lit space for me, when I need to access it. It is truly amazing how the simple addition of a light has transformed the space, and made it safer!

Jesus wants to transform our lives in the same way. He offers us His light, so that we can leave the darkness of sin. He wants to illuminate every corner of our life, even the ones that we might struggle with, and want to keep dark. He does not want us stumbling around in the dark, so he is literally the light switch into spiritual freedom. He wants us spiritually safe. He gives us direction, so we can see what is true, what is right, and which way we are to go.

Jesus is the light, and He desires to be the light for everyone. Jesus came so that we might have life, and that we might have life more abundantly. Through His light, we are offered abundant life. He said, “I am the light of the world!” May we live in the light of Christ and shine forth His light, so that others will also see His light through us, and be drawn to it.


Loving Lord,

Thank you for being the light in our lives, showing us the way to see things we would not have seen otherwise. May we always be eager to shine for You. The light of Your love is constantly shining: for that, we are grateful. May our thankfulness inspire us to reflect that light to others. We pray this prayer in Jesus’ name.


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