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Devotional: May 11, 2021

You’re blessed when you feel you’ve lost what is most dear to you. Only then can you be embraced by the One most dear to you.

Matthew 5:4 The Message

I came across a story the other day. It is not my story, but I hope we would all have the same response. Here it is:

‘I had to call for some tech support yesterday. While we waited for a diagnostic program to load, the gentleman on the phone made some small talk. Asked me where I was. I told him, and then asked him the same.

His voice caught. “New Delhi”, he said softly.

I paused. “Oh, and how are you doing?”

He broke down. “I’m sorry,” he wept. “I’m so sorry. It’s really bad here. I’ve lost someone every day for 10 days.”

Every. Single. Day. I cannot imagine.

I tried to offer some comfort. Told him to forget the issue I had called about. That he had nothing to feel sorry for. That we could just talk if he needed to, or just leave the line open in silence, so that he could take a break from the phones and hold space for his grief.

We stayed on for an hour, just being humans.

We live in a connected world. You never know who you are reaching when you call a toll-free line, or jump into a chat. There’s a person on the other end, and they are valiantly showing up, and doing their best when they are going through absolute hell.

Please be kind.’

Jesus told his followers who were grieving, like this man in New Delhi, that they would be comforted. The author of this story called about tech support, and ended up being the emotional support this person In New Delhi needed at that moment. Coincidence? I think not.

We never know when or where during our daily routine we will be blessed, or be a blessing to others. Often it happens when we least expect it. It is so important that we be open, and seize the moments that the Lord places before us. Then we can speak a kind word, offering up something comforting and encouraging, or whatever is needed in that moment. It is also vital that we act like sponges, willing to soak up the blessings that others want to bestow upon us.

The person in this story places a toll-free call. Do you realize that we have that toll-free number whenever we need to reach out to the Lord? He will not place us on hold, or ask us to call at a more convenient time. Are we just as open to those who reach out to us? Other people may not even give us a verbal signal, indicating that they are in dire need of a kind word, understanding prayer, or another comforting gesture.

I hope that you will be that person who slows down to ask the thoughtful question. I pray that there will be someone will be there to see the need in your eyes, especially when you are feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. Even when you are alone, God is always there. The Lord is ready and waiting for you to reach out to Him, and to seek Him.

Some of you will remember the old AT&T jingle: ”Reach out, reach out and touch someone!” Well my friends, the Lord is our spiritual phone carrier! He will be there for everything, including your tech problems.


Lord, our hearts are burdened and sad for those in our world who are overwhelmed with grief, sadness, despair and hopelessness. Right now, we lift to you the country of India. Watch over and provide a healing touch to their bodies, and their hearts. When we ourselves have that feeling of being flooded and overwhelmed, help us to remember Your promise that You are with us always. I pray this prayer in Jesus’ name.


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