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Devotional: March 28, 2022

“God is gracious—it is he who makes things right, our most compassionate God. God takes the side of the helpless; when I was at the end of my rope, he saved me.”

Psalm 116: 5-6 The Message

How many of us have ever felt like we were at the end of our rope? It might have been a time where we were working really hard, yet saw few results. It may also been a frustrating situation over which we had no control. When we are overwhelmed by the wrongs in our world, it is comforting to remember that God promises to make things right.

The compassion of the Lord-His empathizing with our pain, our frustration, and our weariness- is a continual theme throughout the scriptures. God is always there to help resolve our suffering. We need to get out of His way, so that He has room to work.

While every Christian tries to live up to the Lord’s example of patience, compassion and love, we always fall short. Sometimes we miss the opportunity to be compassion by a little bit, and other times, by a mile.

Unfortunately, the lack of compassion, patience, and even self-control by some of Christ’s followers is one of the reasons why people may reject the church, and even God himself. They look at people who call themselves “Christians,” but behave in a way that does not bring glory to the Lord. To be compassionate is the essence of being Christ-like. This is why it is so important to show compassion to others. When those outside the faith don’t see our behavior matching up with Christ’s example in the scriptures, they sell only hypocrisy.

The truth is our God exhibits boundless compassion. He always takes the side of the helpless. He picks them up, dusts them off, and helps them to stand on their own two feet. We all are in need of compassion, for we all have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God.

Like King David, many true followers of God speak of the Almighty’s compassion, because they have experienced it. David writes, “When I was at the end of my rope, God saved me.” There are many episodes in the up-and-down life of David which fit this description. Yet the King knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it was only the Lord’s compassion which had saved him.

We need to embrace and be thankful for the compassion of the Lord, be compassionate with ourselves, and be compassionate with others. God’s forgiveness is not only for David, but for us as well.

When have you experienced the Lord’s compassion? Take a few minutes today to reflect on the times, and then say “thank you” to our compassionate God.


Compassionate Lord,

I am sometimes overwhelmed by injustices and wrongs I see around me. I confess that there are times when I have not shown compassion to others. When I become discouraged with myself and others, help me to remember Your boundless compassion. Let me be confident of Your taking the side of all who are helpless. In my own life, help me to mimic Your compassion. Grow my love for my neighbor. Help me to be as compassionate, and as caring, as Your Son, my Savior Jesus Christ. I pray this prayer in His Holy name. Amen.

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