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Devotional: March 21, 2022

“God, I love living with you; your house glows with your glory. When it’s time for spring cleaning, don’t sweep me out with the quacks and crooks..”

Psalm 26: 8-9 The Message

Spring time can mean many different things to people. For those of us living in the Northern hemisphere, it means warmer temperatures, gradually lengthening days, lawns greening up, and for some in education (like Jeana), looking forward to a spring vacation. Some people look at spring as a time to do some deep cleaning. They sort through and donate things that they no longer need, so that someone else can purchase or restore the items.

Here, the Psalmist makes an earnest plea to God: “Hey Lord, please don’t throw me out!” The Psalmist David was aware of his sin. He also knew that the Lord knew of his sins. By his own admission, David needed to be cleaned up, and forgiven. He pleads with the Almighty, “Deal with my sin, but don’t throw me out like yesterday’s newspaper!.” In other words, don’t discard me.

Unfortunately, there can be a tendency in our modern materialistic society to treat some people like commodities. Like material things you no longer need, you throw them away. Thus, there are attempts to cancel, or throw away, people who don’t measure up to our standards, or who disagree with us. Can you imagine if the Lord discarded us with such frivolity if we did something He didn’t agree with?

It is true that there will be a judgment day, and ultimately, some people will not be saved. However, God’s desire is that all would be saved. He does not desire to sweep us out. Instead, he wants us restored so we can shine and sparkle like a freshly cleaned dwelling. God’s desire is to redeem, to save, and to restore us. Jesus was constantly standing up for, ministering to, and eating and fellowshipping with those people whom the religious leaders of his day had discarded as “Hopeless”, or even, ‘Irredeemable.”

Fortunately, God’s grace and love exceeds our own human love. He is not temperamental or fickle, or quick to judge. Take heart, all of you are LOVED, and can be RESTORED by our Savior. Praise Him for second chances, and the opportunity to begin anew, just like creation is renewed every spring…


Lord of all,

I thank You for bringing me through winter, into this spring season. As the world comes to life around me, it brings about hope and new life within me. Forgive me when the clutter of life takes up the space that Your word needs to fill. Clear out and forgive the sin within, so that I can make room for Your word. May my life bear much spiritual fruit! In every season, help me to grow in my love for You, and for my neighbors. I pray this prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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