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Devotional: March 11, 2022

“You did it: you changed wild lament into whirling dance; You ripped off my black mourning band and decked me with wildflowers.”

Psalm 30: 11

We are entering the season when the hills around the valley begin to green up. Bulbs begin to sprout, and wildflowers make their appearance, inspiring us with bold colors, and vibrant patterns. It will be a visual treat to see the colors of spring, after the monochromatic color scheme of wintertime: whites, grays, and browns.

The yearly change of seasons reminds us of God’s power, and His constant effect upon our world. In the middle of winter, when it is cold, there is less life for us to see. Particularly at our latitude, the only green we tend to see in winter are the aptly named “evergreen” trees. There is even an evocative title for such cold, lifeless winter days. We say that we are in the “dead of winter…”

Jeana and I have been in a time of mourning, having lost several dear friends recently. I think of these words, “the black mourning band”, and understand how grieving can circle around us, bringing almost unbearable weight. After some time, like seasons, the mourning can move into a time of celebration of life. The thoughts of our departed friends' reminds us of the joy and color they brought into our lives.

The changing seasons, and this verse from Psalm 30, remind us that our Lord is a God of rebirth, renewal, restoration, hope, and change. The Psalmist rejoices over the Almighty’s ability to transition wild lament into whirling dance. Miraculously, God transforms black times of mourning, into the bright colors of spring wildflowers, and times of great joy!

How wonderful it is that God does not abandon us at the low points in our lives. He is present, and He walks with us through those valleys. Our Savior leads us onward and upward, to better times, and higher places. With the Psalmist, let us celebrate our God, who blesses us with hope… and wildflowers!


Lord of all creation,

Thank you for Your constant presence. You are there, regardless of what is happening in my life. I praise You for the changes and growth which come with each new season. When things are the darkest, You shine Your light, bringing color into my world. You change my times of mourning into times of dancing. For Your ability to surprise me, and to inspire me, I offer You my sincerest gratitude. Receive my praise! I pray this prayer in the name of Your Son, my Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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