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Devotional: June 8, 2020

Though the cherry trees don’t blossom

and the strawberries don’t ripen,

Though the apples are worm-eaten

and the wheat fields stunted,

Though the sheep pens are sheepless

and the cattle barns empty,

I’m singing joyful praise to God.

I’m turning cartwheels of joy to my Savior God.

Counting on God’s Rule to prevail,

I take heart and gain strength.

I run like a deer.

I feel like I’m king of the mountain!

Habakkuk 3: 17-19 The Message

Habakkuk ministered in a very difficult time and place. The Jewish people in his nation were threatened by enemy nations, including the mighty Babylonians. Things were not much better within his own country, as a succession of kings were regarded as “evil in the sight of the Lord.”

So Habakkuk and his people faced challenges and difficulties around their nation, and within their nation. Habakkuk doesn’t sugarcoat their situation. The encouraging message of Habakkuk is that hope does not come from one’s circumstances, or from earthly leaders. No! Our hope comes from the Lord.

These days can feel hopeless for some, almost like being on an endless treadmill. But all is not lost. As we look around our nation and see so many challenges to overcome, it does look overwhelming. However, this is not the first time, nor will it be the last time in our history that difficult times occur. We have a God who can move mountains, and he is ever present. We are not alone, and there is something that everyone can do to help us move forward: PRAY! Prayer is the most powerful resource we have, and we all have the ability to use this amazing tool: turn to God and ask for help.

God’s encouraging message, given through his prophet Habakkuk, is that we can always have hope in the Lord. Through prayer, we can see that God is ever present, and that gives us hope. May that encouraging thought bless us today, and every day of our lives!


All-powerful God,

Our world is filled with challenges, and things sometimes feel hopeless. Help us to remember to turn to you for everything, not just the big problems. Remind us again that You have everything under control: the nations, our economy, everything! We celebrate and rejoice in Your power, and Your son, our Savior Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray.


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