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Devotional: June 14, 2021

When you win, we plan to raise the roof and lead the parade with our banners. May all your wishes come true!

Psalm 20: 5 The Message

Today is flag day! It was on this day in 1777 that the Continental Congress decided upon the stars and stripes as our national flag. Celebrating this milestone would eventually lead to flag day. The United States flag is a reminder that we live in a free country.

The scriptures speak of raising banners. Here, King David speaks of leading a parade with banners, dedicated to the Lord winning a victory for the house and people of Israel.

Would you raise a banner or flag for our God? A banner is a symbol of encouragement and hope. It is a message declaring to everyone that Jesus is the King of Kings. It does not have to be a physical banner, but rather the message you share with others about your faith and belief.

Jesus painted pictures of “banners” in his parables. With the ‘Prodigal Son”, can’t you see the father in the distance, holding out his arms, as the son walks towards him. This is a “banner” we can envision for ourselves as well. King David envisioned the people of Jerusalem raising a banner to their God, celebrating His victory for them.

Love is the banner God waves over us. The Almighty is so loving, not because we are lovable, but simply because it is in God’s nature to love.

So on this flag day, celebrate the love of our service men and women, who gave their lives for freedom. Wave Old Glory! Fly the Star-Bangled Banner!

Yet remember to take time to consider how you might raise a banner or flag for our God, and for His unconditional love for us. It is worth remembering not only a single day, but every day out of the year.


Thank you to Dr. Richard Mansfield of New Beginnings Church in Albuquerque for this prayer……….

In observance of Flag Day here in the United States, I pray that every person that comes across this prayer I have scribed will read it and lift their voice unto the Lord:

Father, as we observe Flag Day here in the United States of America, we are reminded of more than a piece of material but of the great nation that was started in Your honor. We thank You for the men and women of the original thirteen colonies that stood together in the formation of this great nation. We thank You for the thousands that have fought and stood to defend the Constitution of our country. We are reminded that we are to stand united with the 50 states of America as we continue to live out our lives with valor, vigilance, innocence and justice. Throughout scripture, You have always used symbols to remind Your people of the great things You have brought us through. Let us never forget that it’s not about a piece of cloth but instead about the greatness we have become as a nation because of You. You Lord, have truly shed Your grace upon us and we ask most especially now for Your wisdom, guidance and covering as Americans for the challenges we are facing as individuals and as a nation. Please keep Your covering over us today and always. So on this Flag Day, we give a You thanks and praise for the Flag of the United States of America and all that it represents. I pray in Jesus name, Amen!

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